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                    Maximizing potential, each day of your life.
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Listen to My Life - This journey helps you invite God into the process of reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing to walk with God into your future.  There will be different formats for this process - meet once a month for 10 months, Friday and Saturday retreat - tailored to meet your needs. 

  • Listen to My Life Map Portfolio
  • Classes with 5 to 10 people
  • Twenty minute individual coaching sessions per month

$499 full pay, or $249 down and $25 per month for 10 months.

Goals - are you accomplishing your goals or do you even have goals?  Take a different approach to not only setting goals, but achieving results.  Workshops are 5 weeks, 2 hours each week.  Cost is $100, including materials.

Purposeful living - do you have a life purpose, or do you wonder what on earth am I doing here?  God created everyone with a purpose - let's find yours.  Workshops are 5 weeks, 2 hours each week.  Cost is $100, including materials.

Living Your Strengths - are you living your strengths or do you even know your strengths?  Let's explore your top 5 strengths and find ways to implement them into your life.  Workshops are for 2 weeks, 2 hours each.  Cost is $50, including materials.

Transitions - are you unemployed or underemployed?  Would you like a place of HOPE (Hope, Opportunity, Prayer and Encouragement)?  I lead a group that meets at 7 a.m. on Wednesday mornings at Bristol Farms,
8510 Genesee Ave, San Diego, CA 92122.  I have a retired Human Resource executive that helps with resumes and job searches.  

Prayer Retreat - do you know how to spend a day with God?  Join me on a Saturday from 9 - 3 for a day with God.  Cost is $50, materials and lunch provided.






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