Over this past year, I have gone through an incredible experience called Listen to My Life with 5 other women. This has been life changing!  I am so excited to offer this to more people.

Email me at calva@coachcalva.com or call 858.279.9026 for details.
Coach Calva
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  About Me 

 I grew up in a small West Texas farm town called Tahoka, an Indian name which means "fresh water."  My parents were killed in a car accident when I was three years old, my sister, Elva was 19 months.  My paternal grandparents reared my sister and I on our cotton farm outside of Tahoka.  I am grateful aunts and uncles and cousins lived near.  We grew up and have remained best of friends.

I was active in church activities and took piano lessons for 15 years. 

I married out of high school and we moved to San Diego where I continue to reside.  I grew up playing the piano and played at church for many years.  I worked as an Executive Assistant in several industries through the years.

I am a member of La Jolla Community Church and welcome visitors each week.  For two years, I lead and coached a group that meets on Wednesday mornings for people who are in a work transition.

I have one daughter Kena and two grandchildren, Kalia, 19 and Cody, 16 who live about 2 miles from me.  They are the joy of my life.  I enjoy just being with them and enjoy watching Cody play football and lacrosse.  Kalia will be a sophomore at San Diego State University and Cody will be a sophomore at La Jolla Country Day.

A Texas Tragedy

For more information about our growing up years, read the book my sister authored.  It can be purchased at :

For more information, send a request on my Contact Me page, or call 858.279.9026 for a complimentary 30 minute sample session!

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